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  • SunLight

    "This entire town is haunted, but that's no mistery to the locals" Everyone shares and follow one single rule around here; don't go out at night. Legends flood these streets, some talk about demons, other say there are ghosts, and a few say there are two hunters that protect those who break this rule. They call them the Shadow and Golden hunters, but only a few actually believe they are real. But tonight I'll take you to see them. Content warning for: Blood , Violence , Gore , Angst , Guns and Self Harm Written and ilustrated by Dr.Maurysse
    Horror, Mature, Tragedy
  • FaceTheShadow, Saint Francis |Acto 1|

    FaceTheShadow, Saint Francis |Acto 1|
    Un mundo donde la magia es mal vista poderes y héroes, prohibidos. En la mayoría de países, ilegal. Sólo un país es capaz de aceptarlos, un país, una ciudad con un héroe El único no, uno de muchos. El ninja; El único capaz de conectar con el más allá Una de las ultimas sombras que confrontar. Advertencia Contiene: imágenes violentas , Sangre , Lenguaje vulgar
    Action, Magic, Mature
  • Owls

    This is a short story that follows the young traveler Roman Rosemary, and how he met his best friend; a shapeshifter just like him
    Fantasy, Super Power, Slice of Life
  • FaceTheShadow, Saint Francis |Act 1|

    FaceTheShadow, Saint Francis |Act 1|
    This is a world in which magic is poorly seen. Both superpowers and heroes are forbidden Ilegal in most countries. There's only one countrly who's willing to accept them A country, a city with a hero. But not the only one, just one between many. The ninja; The only one able to connect with the underworld One of the last shadows to face Content warning for: Violent imagery , blood , strong language Translation made by: Saturn-Silvest (@JupiterZeuz on Twitter)
    Action, Magic, Mature
  • The Bastards Club

    The Bastards Club
    Does anyone ever know where they're headed to? The only ones who ever get to leave Are either those who have it all Or those who have nothing to lose. How can someone like us make it out Before death catches us to never let go. Written and illustrated by Dr. Maurysse. Spin-off to SunLight Born from a dream
    LGBTQ+, Mature, Tragedy