Asche: The Fortress Series


Ashford Grayson before the death of his Mother (a human), She told him about his true identity.He is what they call a Demisoul, a demon with a human soul, Ash's father is a demon who loved humans, and because of that he was killed. On the last moments of his mother, she told him to find somene named Belial Rodwell and because Ash still have a lot of questions he search for that person hoping to find answers. Unbeknownst to him, Belial was just like his father, and he also meet his parents old friends. Ash did not expect that this Belial is also him fiancé, he is perfect and finds himself attracted to him, but for God's sake, they are both male! What will happen to them? Are they really going to get married? Can he protect Ash against those who want to hurt him?

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